A lot of staff have accessed training this month:-

Paediatric First Aid, Biting in the Early Years, Blossoming Babies, Prevent, British Values, Back to Basics and Safeguarding.

Tracy, Kerry and Janet also went to a session on ‘Ensuring that your next Inspection remains an Outstanding Grade’

Wise Owls started their swimming lessons at Horwich Leisure Centre again and Janet started taking some children on Forest School sessions.

We focused on Garden birds throughout January in preparation for The Big Bird Watch at the end of the month.

We also focused on the Chinese New Year celebrations ‘The Year of the Rat’ throughout Nursery. Wise Owls and Busy Bees had their own dragon dance.


Employee of the Month January 2020

 Miss Hannah

For her continued support, dedication and for always being positive.


Other nominations:

Miss Lauren – Supporting others in the room

Miss Amy – Giving detailed Evidence Me observations

Miss Morgan – Taking responsibility in the staff room

Miss Tasha – Being supportive to new parents/ settling children

Chloe G – For taking her roles seriously

Miss Aimee – Supporting staff in the Ladybirds

Miss Abi – For going above and beyond her role

Miss Toni – Putting others’ needs before her own

Miss Rae – Putting others’ needs first

Mr Jamie – Spending time with their children

Miss Maria – Supporting others

The Busy Bees supporting staff on return from maternity leave

December was a very busy month for us!

Most of the Wise Owls went to the Mayor of Bolton’s Christmas Concert on a private bus. The children appeared to really enjoy participating with instruments and being involved in the 12 Days of Christmas. It was lovely to see a live orchestra – organised by the Schools’ Music Service, involving children of all ages from local schools.

IMG 3639  IMG 3645
The following day we had our annual Nativity service at Holy Trinity Church. The children were excellent at singing, acting, dancing and helping to tell the traditional Nativity story!

Photo 06 12 2019 15 31 19 4104x2736 2052x1368 Photo 06 12 2019 15 52 11 4104x2736 2052x1368

Wise Owls and Busy Bees had their Christmas party and were entertained by Razzle Dazzle the Clown. Father Christmas paid us a visit and he brought every child in Nursery a book.
The children’s Christmas lunch was on 18th. December and the staff Christmas lunch was on 20th. December.

Photo 17 12 2019 17 07 31 2736x4104 1368x2052 Photo 17 12 2019 17 07 41 2736x4104 1368x2052

Some Wise Owls and children in the Holiday Club visited residents at Hazelbrook Nursing Home just before Christmas. They sang some Christmas songs and had a chat with them.
Staff continued to develop their training on Safeguarding and weekly apprentice training continued.

Employee of the month

Miss Kerry and Miss Lindsay
Thinking of others and taking on additional tasks.

Other nominations:
Miss Rae- Being supportive
Miss Toni- Picking litter up from the car park
Miss Morgan – Being supportive to others in the Duckling room
Miss Jade – Taking on extra tasks in her own time
Miss Tracy- Carrying tasks out in her own time.

Thanks to all the staff who helped out at Nativity
Thanks to any staff who have supported colleagues in other rooms

Wise Owls continued practising for their Nativity Service in December at Holy Trinity Church.
Several new resources were purchased including some building items in Ladybirds.
All staff took on the quest of finding and purchasing items suitable for the Curiosity Corners in their rooms.
We had a visit from Pudsey Bear on Friday 15th November to celebrate Children in Need.

Croft House Nursery Blog November 2019 (1) Croft House Nursery Blog November 2019 (2)

Forest School sessions continued with Wise Owls. Activites include a scavenge hunt, Stickman tasks and making Nature Crowns.

Croft House Nursery Blog November 2019 (3) Croft House Nursery Blog November 2019 (4)

Croft House Nursery Blog November 2019 (6) 

Staff appraisals took place.
Everyone in Nursery was very busy working towards our very successful Open Night. All the rooms looked beautiful, we had a campfire outdoors and many of our children met Father Christmas. Parents also had an opportunity to visit our lovely Before and Afterschool and Holiday Club provision.
Staff continued to develop their training on Safeguarding and weekly apprentice training continued.

Employees of the month
The Duckling team
Showing dedication, commitment, flexibility and supporting their colleagues.

Other nominations:
Miss Lauren: Supporting a parent with their child (from a parent)
Miss Dawn (afterschool club) Doing tasks for nursery in her own time.
Miss Morgan: Showing enthusiasm and interest and completing tasks for training.
Miss Holly: Supporting colleagues
Miss Shannon: Taking on tasks in her own time
Miss Rae: Putting others’ needs before her own
Miss Sarah: Supporting others in her room.
Miss Kerry: For her artistic flare
Miss Toni: Being flexible


We held our very popular Bat Watch one Friday evening in early October. What a fantastic evening we had! Using the equipment supplied by our Bat Expert, Russell Hedley, we heard and then saw lots of bats, throughout the whole walk! We learnt lots about bats, their habits and what they eat. We even heard some owls too!

October 2019

Miss Emma and Miss Beth attended a Saturday conference entitled Characteristics and Curriculum: The way forward in early Childhood Education. They came back with lots of good suggestions.

Miss Terri went to a Communication Champion briefing.

Several staff have accessed online training this month, including Safeguarding, In the moment planning, biting in the Early Years, and Food allergy awareness.

Wise Owls started their swimming sessions at Horwich Leisure Centre.

Several students from local schools and colleges started their placements with us.

We had several new cupboards built for us, giving us extra storage opportunities.

Holiday club for school children was held during the half-term week.

Nativity rehearsals began with Wise Owls.   


Employee of the month

October 2019

Miss Chloe w

Going above and beyond expectations of a student’s role.


Other Nominations 

Miss Chloe G –Taking on extra responsibilities

Miss Sophie – Detailed feedback (From a parent)

Miss Danielle – Detailed feedback (From a parent)

Miss Kim – Detailed observations on Evidence Me (From a parent)

Miss Toni – Personal feedback to parents (When she has been supporting in rooms)

Mr Jamie - Showing a positive approach in Afterschool 

Younger Ducklings for supporting older Ducklings during staff absences.

All staff who have worked extra hours to support others.

Miss Rae who has worked with us since May has started to develop a training programme for all the staff. Rae has worked as a trainer and assessor with a previous company and has a lot of experience in this area. Some staff are currently undergoing training in Safeguarding, Prevent and the use of the defibrillator.

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Rae is carrying out weekly apprentice training.

Miss Laura had Outdoor First Aid Training and Miss Rae has done Paediatric First Aid training this month.

Miss Beth attended a course on Aided Language Stimulation and Janet had an update on Safeguarding.

Busy Bees have enhanced their role play area by purchasing some new resources etc.

Ladybirds went blackberry picking and used the juices of the blackberries to paint pictures.

We have recently done an audit of all of our books with the intention of creating a small ‘library’ in our Training Room, to be used by our older pre-school children and the children from the Before/After school club.

Some of the Wise Owls started their swimming lessons at Horwich Leisure Centre.

Some staff carried out some research on ‘The Curiosity Approach’ which takes principles from Early Years theorists to influence practice. Whilst our own practice does already reflect this approach, we feel that some of the suggestions, such as the use of everyday, natural items to excite children and develop their learning, could be further enhanced.

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Employee of the month


Miss Abi

Putting others’ needs before her own. Always there to support her colleagues.


Other Nominations for September 19

Miss Tracy - For her continued support

Miss Maryann – Showing a positive and committed attitude to work

Miss Beth – Planning diverse activities for the children

Miss Chloe W – Lovely detailed and personal feedback to parents

Mr Ged – Going above and beyond his duties

Miss Toni – Continued support for colleagues