Some chicks came to visit us for the day (please see Facebook). Some of the children held the chicks and others helped to feed them. We talked about where they had come from and how best to look after them.

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We also had a visit from Spud, Miss Kerry’s lamb. He was tiny and had to wear a nappy whilst he was at Nursery. Some of the children helped to feed him (please see Facebook)

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Miss Terri went on some courses to help her in the role of Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. Miss Annalise continued with her Sign along training.

Swimming lessons for the Wise Owls re-commenced following the Easter break.

Staff appraisals continued to be held.

Our friend Bernie came to help us tidy up our wicker den on the Meadow.

One of our Dads who is a police officer, came to Nursery to talk to the older children about his job. He showed us his special van and allowed us to sit in it (please see Facebook).

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Sarah and Janet visited a local nursery to see how they teach phonics to their pre-schoolers.

We purchased a number of items of equipment including a den for Busy Bees (another is coming soon for Butterflies), some mini quad bikes for Butterflies and quite a lot of ‘Builders’ tools’ to link in with our ‘real builders’ who are working on Phase Two of the Nursery. They were very jealous of our cement mixer, spirit levels and tape measures!

Employee of the month April 2018:

Miss Heather - for putting Nursery first and being diligent in her role.

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Other nominations:
Miss Toni - putting others needs before her own
Miss Jade - supporting her colleagues
Miss Lauren - following safeguarding policy & procedures
Miss Sophie - undertaking tasks in her own time
Miss Pat - taking on extra tasks & supporting others
Miss Jackie - supporting staff & breakfast & mealtimes
Miss Polly - for her pasta dish (nominated by a grandparent)
Miss Danielle - taking on the duty of tidying the staff room
Miss Beth - her role as a key person (nominated by a parent)