This month some of the staff successfully completed their Paediatric First Aid Training. Currently all staff qualified from Level 2 upwards as well as our Office Manager and Kitchen Staff are fully up-to-date with their Paediatric First Aid.

Miss Tracy began her Forest School Level 3 training with Lancashire Wildlife Trust. This intensive and demanding training will equip her to lead Forest School sessions with the children in the forest in the future.

Janet attended an Early Years Conference at Bolton College which included sessions on Preparation for Ofsted and current training issues and opportunities.

Our new trainees attended in-house training on aspects relating to Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Busy Bee Room was decorated this month and displays are currently being changed to reflect new topics including spiders and Let’sBuild!

We held an evening meeting for our new parents in the Duckling Room. We discussed aspects such as sleeping, feeding and language development.

Miss Lindsay attended some training on Working with Under Twos run by Bolton Early Years.

Three staff attended an evening’s training delivered by Elizabeth Jarman who advises on creating calming and communication friendly spaces.

Staff appraisals and observations were carried out this month, with the focus on how practitioners and educators engage with children.

Janet attended an Early Years Update run by Bolton Early Years covering several topics including children’s progress and assessment and preparing for Ofsted.

We took delivery of some lovely outdoor seats made from logs which we intend using for Forest School and other outdoor sessions.

We held a very successful Bird-watching session on the last Saturday in October in the Bridge Street Local Nature Reserve (known by the children as ‘The Forest’). This was led by Russell Hedley, local nature expert of Nature Talks and Walks. Parents, grandparents and children made special bird pastry to stick to the trees and bushes. (We were later told that someone had seen some nuthatches feeding on the pastry!). The weather was perfect for a bird-watch and we had lovely picnic in the forest after we had finished attaching the pastry to the trees. (The session was covered in a great article by the Bolton News on Tuesday 3rd. November).

Employee of the month:-
The nominations are as follows:-
Miss Toni for making fab suggestions when working with Wise Owls
Miss Danielle for her constantly positive attitude towards her work
Miss Sarah for being an excellent role-model for staff and children and for her constant dedication and sense of team spirit.
Miss Kerry for her ability to put others at ease and for carrying out tasks beyond expectations.
Everyone for working so well as a team during heavy rainfall that could have resulted in a flood.
Miss Heather for her constant dedication and sense of team-spirit.
The Wise Owl staff for coping so well with new staffing arrangements.
Miss Abi for making sure all colleagues in her room have a voice and for treating everyone fairly

This month’s award goes jointly to:-
Miss Terri for her ‘can do’ approach, being a good role-model and for her constant dedication and sense of team spirit.
Miss Aimee for supporting her colleagues so well and for solving an ICT challenge that led to smoother working practice.