The Wise Owl room was temporarily converted to a recording studio whilst we recorded the songs for the Nativity.

Miss Kerry attended a course entitled ‘Communicating with Parents’.

Janet & Miss Toni completed an online fire awareness training course.

Early Years Foundation Stage (in-house) training continued with level 2 students.

The Wise Owl Nativity at Holy Trinity Church was once again very successful. The children were fantastic and really enjoyed the event – as did the many family members and friends that came to watch.

The Busy Bee & Wise Owl children had great fun at their Christmas party at the Leisure Centre which included a visit from Father Christmas, entertainment from Dazzle the Clown, party food & disco!

Christmas parties were also held at Nursery for the Duckling & Butterfly children who enjoyed party food, singing and games.

The Wise Owl children visited Hazelbrook Nursing Home to sing Christmas songs with the residents.

Everyone in Nursery on the 18th December enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch prepared by Miss Jackie & Miss Pat.

The car park directly outside Nursery has been resurfaced.

Proposed Nursery site:-
The Site Manager, Dean and his assistant, Tyler, spent December clearing the buildings of items left by the previous owners to enable safe working for further development. Our architect has spent a considerable amount of time measuring the site and making suggestions regarding possible layout. We will be taking account of suggestions made by staff and parents before finalising plans which are due to be submitted to Bolton Council for planning approval.

Employee of the month goes to:
Miss Pat for her dedication & loyalty to Nursery.

Nominations were also made for the following people:
Miss Hannah RN – for initiating an excellent discussion regarding Learning Journeys.
Miss Aimee – for her hard work & dedication.
Miss Toni - for supporting her colleagues.
Miss Jackie – for taking on extra responsibilities.
Miss Lindsay W/Miss Vicky/Miss Lindsay Mc – for their continued support for Nursery.