This month the Builders were working flat out to get the new Busy Bee Room ready for the children to use it on 3rd September...... and they managed it! Lots of lovely equipment was delivered and the staff worked really hard to make sure everything was sorted. If you haven’t already seen it, please do go and have a look.


Croft House Nursery Blog August 1

The First Phase of the outdoor HYGGE area was also completed.

Croft House Nursery Blog August 2

We had a Prosecco, Pizza and Games party one Friday evening in August to make sure all those who have been working at Croft House Nursery One/Two get to know one another.

Staff made arrangements for lots of welcoming and settling visits for new children.

Croft House Nursery 1 underwent a major clear out with the use of a Skip and preparations went ahead for remodelling the old Wise Owl Room to take Afterschool children from mid-September.

We celebrated the fact that Miss Tracy started working at Croft House 25 years ago!!!

Employee of the month August 2018:

Croft House Nursery Blog August 3

Miss Jackie R - for her commitment, dedication and always putting Nursery’s needs before her own.

Other nominations:
The Wise Owl team: For all their hard work in completing documents for the children leaving to go to school. Supporting others and being flexible.

Miss Sarah C: Helping in the kitchen.
Miss Sarah F: Helping in the kitchen/Creating a stimulating environment at CH1
Miss Kerry: Accommodating other’s needs & supporting nursery.
Miss Jacky G: Going beyond expectations to support nursery.
Miss Tracy: Supporting Janet.
Miss Lauren J: Giving up her own time to support nursery.
Miss Emma J: Giving up her own time to support nursery.
Miss Lindsay W: Supporting Tracy.
Miss Toni: Doing tasks in her own time.

Forest School sessions continued to be run, both with our nursery children and After School children. Whilst we always enjoy all of our outdoor sessions, we have really loved being outside so much in the sunshine! The Owlets and Wise Owls have been fishing in the stream several times recently, with some success.

Croft House Nursery Blog 1  Croft House Nursery Blog 2  Croft House Nursery Blog 3


Wise Owls went on their Leavers’ Trip to Smithills Farm. They went to Pets’ Cornwhere they fed the lambs and goats and held chicks and rabbits. They also went a ride in the tractor trailer.

Croft House Nursery Blog 4 Croft House Nursery Blog 5 

Croft House Nursery Blog 6


ollowing on with our theme of People Who Help Us, the father of a member of staff is a Major in the Army and he came along to talk about his work. He showed the children his Ration Pack and his uniform and he explained the purposes of all his equipment.

Work started on our new HYGGE play area which is overlooked by the Butterfly and Ducking Rooms. This is being completed in several phases.
Janet had discussions with all the Room Co-ordinators to decide on the equipment to be ordered for the new Busy Bee, Wise Owl and Ladybird rooms. This was a very exciting task.
We had three young ladies from Rivington and Blackrod High School working with us for a week on Work Experience. They were very committed and enthusiastic young people who represented their School very well.
We took delivery of a wonderful and very large Doll’s House which is now in the Hub. The children love it but we are still trying to locate extra furniture for it.
Employee of the month
Croft House Nursery Blog 3
Miss Lauren T
For being diligent in her role and a good role model.

Other Nomination for July 18
All Wise Owls and Owlets for welcoming and supporting new colleagues
Miss Tracy – For her continued support
Miss Jess – For her continued dedication
Miss Vicky- For her responsible actions
Miss Sarah C- Continued support with Learning Journeys
Miss Aimee – Good leadership during activities
Miss Hannah B – Putting others needs first
Miss Sarah F – Supporting her colleagues
Miss Toni – Continued support and putting others need first
Miss Jackie/ Miss Pat – Being diligent in their role

Forest School sessions run by Janet Rhodes started with some of our Owlets. These were run in conjunction with The Bridge St. Local Nature Reserve and volunteers from the group also joined in. We really enjoyed the stories, den-building, bug hunting, camp fires and much much more.
We held an evening meeting for parents of children who will be Wise Owls in September. This involved a walk to Purl Meadow to explore some of our Forest School facilities and activities as well as 2 brief meetings to discuss what life is like as a Wise Owl.

Croft House Nursery June 1
We held a very successful Welcome session for families of babies due to start in the Duckling Room over the summer.
Owlets had a visit from our local postman, Andy, and he explained what happens to letters and parcels after we have posted them.
Janet attended an Early Years briefing session and Miss Terri was invited to be involved in discussions with Bolton Council relating to tracking children’s progress.

Staff attended training sessions on GDPR and the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Croft House Nursery June 2
Further plans were put in place to ensure we will be ready for Busy Bees to move to their new room in the Phase Two building in September. The roof was delivered and erected and our parents were extremely supportive on that day as we were unable to use the carpark.
The children loved watching the crane lifting the trusses!

A significant number of new resources were ordered and some of us were able to visit the building to visualise the new room. We also took delivery of a beautiful wooden den for Busy Bees as well as 2 evacuation cots for Ducklings.

We had a very enjoyable and sunny Sports Day, held in the beautiful garden of our wonderful neighbours. We were so proud of all the children who were so motivated and keen to do their best.

Several staff updated their training on Paediatric First Aid which is a requirement of all qualified staff, every three years.
Our Family Forest Fun Day was extremely successful with several Forest School activities being well attended. We held our annual Duck Race on the same day and although the water was running extremely slowly we managed to raise £200 for Meningitis Now.  Many of our families stayed to have a lovely relaxing picnic on the nearby field.

Employee of the month July 2018:


Miss Judy- For being diligent in her role and taking extra tasks on to support nursery.

Croft House Nursery June 3

Other nominations:
Miss Sarah F.     -for putting Nursery’s needs first
Miss Aimee    - for thinking ahead, forward planning
Miss Sophie B    - for    taking on extra tasks in the interest of Nursery
Miss Shannon/Miss Tracy/Miss Sophie H. for working extra hours to support colleagues
The following staff for their efforts at the Family Forest Fun Day – Tracy, Kerry, Toni, Sarah F., Terri, Beth, Hannah B., Janet

Miss Sarah started Forest School sessions again with some of the Wise Owls.

Croft House Nursery Blog May 1

One of our Dads who is a Dentist, came to Nursery to talk to the older children about his job.  He counted our teeth and showed us how to brush our teeth properly. (please see Facebook).

We had a visit from a consultant from Early Start, Bolton Council. She was looking at how well we make provision for children progressing and achieving. She was very impressed with all the work we do in this area and gave us a glowing report.

Croft House Nursery Blog May 2

We celebrated the Royal Wedding with the older children. We had our own Megan and Prince Harry and we had a tea party. (please see Facebook).

Some staff attended a meeting to discuss plans for our new Wise Owl Room in Phase Two.
Wise Owls held a Bike Week when they all brought their bikes to Nursery and rode on the paths nearby.
Wise Owls also enjoyed caring for some caterpillars which eventually turned into beautiful butterflies.
Janet attended training on GDPR.
Some of the school teachers who will be taking our Wise Owls in September came to visit.
Miss Tracy and Miss Sarah went up to Purl Meadow to get it ready for all our summer Forest School sessions.

We purchased a number of items of equipment including a sensory den and other sensory items for Ducklings and a wicker den for Butterflies.

Employee of the month May 2018:

Croft House Nursery Blog May 3

Miss Pat - for being diligent in her role & supporting others.

Other nominations:
Miss Terri     -    thinking ahead & putting Nursery first
Miss Tracy     -    organising the Royal Wedding
Miss Sarah M     -    being accommodating
Miss Sophie B -    being accommodating
Miss Lauren J    -    taking on extra tasks in her own time
Miss Jacky G -    supporting Nursery
Miss Annalise -    supporting colleagues
Miss Sarah F     -    supporting colleagues
Miss Emma T -    being accommodating

Some chicks came to visit us for the day (please see Facebook). Some of the children held the chicks and others helped to feed them. We talked about where they had come from and how best to look after them.

Croft House Nursery Blog April 2018 1 Croft House Nursery Blog April 2018 2


We also had a visit from Spud, Miss Kerry’s lamb. He was tiny and had to wear a nappy whilst he was at Nursery. Some of the children helped to feed him (please see Facebook)

.Croft House Nursery Blog April 2018 3

Miss Terri went on some courses to help her in the role of Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. Miss Annalise continued with her Sign along training.

Swimming lessons for the Wise Owls re-commenced following the Easter break.

Staff appraisals continued to be held.

Our friend Bernie came to help us tidy up our wicker den on the Meadow.

One of our Dads who is a police officer, came to Nursery to talk to the older children about his job. He showed us his special van and allowed us to sit in it (please see Facebook).

Croft House Nursery Blog April 2018 4

Sarah and Janet visited a local nursery to see how they teach phonics to their pre-schoolers.

We purchased a number of items of equipment including a den for Busy Bees (another is coming soon for Butterflies), some mini quad bikes for Butterflies and quite a lot of ‘Builders’ tools’ to link in with our ‘real builders’ who are working on Phase Two of the Nursery. They were very jealous of our cement mixer, spirit levels and tape measures!

Employee of the month April 2018:

Miss Heather - for putting Nursery first and being diligent in her role.

Croft House Nursery Blog April 2018 5

Other nominations:
Miss Toni - putting others needs before her own
Miss Jade - supporting her colleagues
Miss Lauren - following safeguarding policy & procedures
Miss Sophie - undertaking tasks in her own time
Miss Pat - taking on extra tasks & supporting others
Miss Jackie - supporting staff & breakfast & mealtimes
Miss Polly - for her pasta dish (nominated by a grandparent)
Miss Danielle - taking on the duty of tidying the staff room
Miss Beth - her role as a key person (nominated by a parent)