Miss Terry attended a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) briefing and has also now completed her ELKLAN (supporting children in their speech, language and communication needs) training course.

All Level 2 students attended a Safeguarding training course.

Janet attended an Education Improvement Consultation Group – discussing Early Years issues, and also completed her Level 2 Safeguarding training.

November 1

We had a visit from the Early Years Education Consultant to update us on Early Years issues.

November 2

Rehearsing is well underway for the Wise Owls Nativity service on Saturday 10th December – look out for photos on the next blog.

We held another Family Forest Fun event – ‘preparing for winter nature walk’, led by Russell Headley. Even though it was a cold, morning, we made bird feeders with pastry, walked into forest, & identified lots of different birds.

We have been very busy working on our Christmas displays – you are welcome to take a look when you are next at Nursery.

Nominations for Employee of the month are as follows:-

Employee of the month - November 2016

November 3
Miss Kerry – for her diversity, support, dedication and commitment to Nursery.

Miss Lindsay W/Miss Toni/Janet – supporting colleagues
Miss Natasha – for using her initiative & taking responsibility for presenting a display board
Miss Hannah B – dedication & forward planning
Miss Paige – showing a positive approach to new responsibilities

Miss Kerry attended the latest Early Years briefing focusing on updates and developments within the Early Years sector.  

Lots of forest school activities have taken place, Miss Sarah was assessed & Miss Tracy has now completed her training.

Croft House Childrens Nursery Blog October (1)

Miss Toni attended a 3 day ‘First Aid at Work’ training course.

Staff appraisals have taken place.

We have replaced some equipment throughout nursery including sleeping mats, blankets, prams & cosy toes.  

The photographer has been in nursery – photos will be arriving shortly!

We have posted two more short videos on our Facebook page – take a look and let us know what you think.


Croft House Childrens Nursery Blog October (2)  Croft House Childrens Nursery Blog October (3)

One of our parents very kindly came into nursery to help the Wise Owls with their Diwali celebrations.  We dressed up in saris and danced with the dandiya sticks


We held a ‘get together’/meeting for the parents of children in the Duckling room.
Nominations for Employee of the month are as follows:-

Employee of the month October 2016

Croft House Childrens Nursery Blog October (4)
Miss Kim -    for her commitment to Nursery

Miss Sarah    -    undertaking duties not in her job description
Miss Natasha    -    giving excellent feedback to parents
Miss Megan    -    fabulous feedback (nomination from parent)
Miss Toni    -    for her continued support in Butterflies
Miss Pat    -    for doing extra jobs
Miss Lynsey    -    her continuous enthusiasm and support
Miss Terri    -    her support and dedication
Miss Kerry    -    her continuous support in the Busy Bees
Miss Jackie    -    taking on extra tasks to support her colleagues 

September was a very busy month with lots of new children starting Nursery and getting to know us.

We had a very fruitful senior staff meeting at Café Italia in Bolton starting with a meal followed by discussions.

We said Goodbye to last years’ Wise Owls with a party at Nursery and entertainment by Looby Lou.

The new Wise Owls have begun their swimming lessons at Horwich Leisure Centre. So far, these have gone very well.

The decorator came and painted the Bee Hive and some of the doors and we had some work done to the Fire Escape roof near the Wise Owl room. The Pod has been re-varnished.

Miss Kerry went on a course on how to write an Education, Health and Care Plan and Miss Terri began her Elklan course (speech and language support).

Forest School sessions, taken by Miss Tracy and Miss Sarah, both of whom are in the process of qualifying as Forest School Teachers, have started with Wise Owls and are now held every week with one of two groups.

We had a staff meeting where we discussed how to give Fantastic Focused Feedback (FFF) to parents and also aspects of The Characteristics of Effective Learning (Development Matters). Individual rooms also had their own meetings.

The Wise Owls bought some equipment e.g. Superheroes, dinosaurs and toy prams and babies. We also purchased a variety of items for the allotment on the instruction of one of our Grandads who is helping us to prepare for next spring.

Croft House Childrens Nursery Blog September 2016 1

The Butterflies went to look at the progress being made to Horwich’s new Leisure Centre and some of them were able to get on a bus that parked up nearby!

Croft House Childrens Nursery Blog September 2016

We had a very exciting session out in the Forest with children and parents, just as it was going dark one evening, being bat detectives. This was taken by Russell Hedley of Nature Walks and Talks. We found two different species of bats; we heard an owl and some of us could smell a fox!

Nominations for Employee of the month are as follows:-
Miss Megan for picking up litter and recycling items
Miss Annalise for putting nursery first and demonstrating good Key Person skills
Miss Kerry for carrying out jobs not in her Job Description
Miss Toni for her professionalism and demonstrating the ability to improvise.

Croft House Childrens Nursery Blog September 2016 4

The award goes to Miss Lindsay (Office Manager) for her professionalism and for demonstrating the ability to improvise and carry out jobs not in her job description.

We are currently settling lots of new children who are starting nursery over the next few weeks.

The allotment is thriving and the children are enjoying harvesting vegetables for Miss Jackie & Miss Pat to cook. We are very grateful to one of our grandads who has offered to help us in his spare time.

We have purchased new equipment including small world items, role play & technology.



The Busy Bees have been busy washing!


2 3

Ducklings have been river walking & had lots of fun in the mud kitchen!

4 5
Butterflies have been on a fairy walk in the forest & enjoyed watching the construction work at the Leisure Centre.

6 7

Wise Owls had great fun puddle jumping & also watched the construction work at the Leisure Centre.

We were thrilled to discover this month that Ofsted have identified that only 9 nurseries in the Greater Manchester have received a triple rating of Outstanding………. And we are one of them! (the only one in Bolton). This puts us in the top 1% of all nurseries in the country. You can read more here

Employees of the month:

Miss Vicky – for exceptional Key Person skills (nomination from a parent) & carrying out jobs outside her job description.


Miss Sophie - for exceptional Key Person skills (nomination from a parent), supporting colleagues & carrying out duties for others in her lunch hour.

Nominations were also made for the following people:

Miss Toni – for her first aid skills & supporting the Wise Owls
Miss Kerry – for her continued support to Busy Bees
Miss Annalise – supporting colleagues
Miss Meg – continued support & being adaptable to change
Miss Lauren – carrying out duties outside her job description
Miss Hannah G – for a high level of professionalism
Miss Emma J – carrying out nursery tasks in her own time
Miss Hannah B – impressing her tutor during professional discussion
Busy Bee Team – being supportive & positive
Miss Terri/Jackie/Lindsay Mc/Lynsey F – showing an interest in the wider aspects of nursery

Miss Kim & Miss Emma J attended a training workshop ‘Effective Baby Room Practice’ looking at the developmental process during the first 2 years of a babies life.

Miss Taylor, Miss Hannah B, Miss Paige & Miss Megan attended a Paediatric First Aid course.

Miss Sarah attended a moderation meeting regarding 2Simple software which we are already using in nursery to record observations.

We are currently visiting lots of new families whose children are starting nursery over the next few weeks.

Miss Toni attended e-tracker & ASQ training sessions.

We had our Family Forest Fun Day on Saturday 9th July, which was a great success! Lots of crowns, rafts and other wooden items were made, foraging went on in the forest and seeds were planted at the Allotment.

Family Forest 1    Family Forest 2

We enjoyed a picnic and whilst the stream was running a little faster than normal the Duck Race went well and we made over £225 for Meningitis Now.

We have commissioned Pinpoint Media, a company that specialises in making promotional videos, to create some short films (approx 60 - 120 seconds each) to show the work we do with our children outdoors- particularly in the Forest, Purl Meadow and the Allotment. We hope to use these films on our website and also when we are showing parents round the nursery.

The Wise Owl children who are leaving Nursery to go to school in September, enjoyed a trip to Smithills Farm.

Smithills Farm  Smithills Farm 2

Employees of the month:


Miss Terri
Miss Terri - for her positivity & returning to nursery to do jobs not in her specification.


Miss Lynsey F
Miss Lynsey F - for carrying out tasks to support nursery & colleagues, in her own time.

Nominations were also made for the following people:

Miss Sophie/Annalise/Hannah – for super team work in the Wise Owl Room.
The Butterfly team for supporting Miss Lauren on her first week as Room Leader
Miss Megan – for always giving her best & more!
Miss Pat – for extra duties not in her job role
Miss Lindsay Mc – for her fabulous organisational skills